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For You I’d Be Superhuman || Abby 

Alex smiled when Abby gave him the okay to come over. He got up out off the guest bed at James’ and quickly fixed himself up a little before he pulled a jacket over him and walked out the Hogart house. He walked up the driveway and down the road. He remembered Abby saying that her mom’s house wasn’t far from the school so he started there. As he walked through the neighborhood, he thought about how stupid his dad was being still bringing up the prank from before and that he was being so coldhearted about how the words hurt Abby but he wasn’t going to bring that up tonight so he wouldn’t bring back that and make her sad again. Soon enough he go to the road before Degrassi and turned on it before finding the house Abby had explained to him and knocked on the door once before stepping back and waiting¬†